The Rwanda-Israel Business Cooperation Center (RIBC)

Welcome to the Rwanda-Israel Business Cooperation (RIBC) center brought to you by Sokotech Ltd.

This center was built in order to give any one of you a fast and efficient way to do business with Israel, whether Israeli companies or individual experts
and consultants.
Anyone who worked with the Israeli business market can tell you that it is vast and diversified and pretty hard to work with, but we're here to solve you
this exact problem.
We are here to help you build a healthy and legal Rwandan-Israeli business channel to work with and trust on with your business.
It doesn't matter if you are a company that has something to offer to the Israeli market or a company that wants to buy Israeli technology
or real-estate, it all may start by contacting us.

So, if you have a company looking to expand its business, integrate or invent a new feature, get more clients or optimize performance, you can start it all
by sending us a small form with the basic details and we'll be happy to check if we can help you in that matter.
As a business-consultant company, Sokotech Ltd. will be happy to connect you with top-level Israeli companies and experts, allowing you to work with them
directly, or with our professional guidance and accompaniment - you decide.

Note: We take only projects that start at 20,000$ or more.

We focus on 3 main sectors:


In today's global markets everyone need hi-tech-based solutions, whether it's cyber-security,
financial, SAP, robotics, cloud, automation or anything else.
You may be a private company, government agency of even a financed entrepreneur, but you'll
usually need someone to guide you in this huge field of technology and help you get the
right solutions you need to help your business succeed in its task.

As Israel is one of the biggest and greatest technological eco-system we are sure there are
many Israeli solutions, companies and even experts you can use to help you in your task.

In any case, we will always be happy to assist you in finding and negotiating the right
solution or the right connection for your task.

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Agriculture and water

Israel is well-known in its water and agriculture solutions utilizing many types of
technologies fitted to many types of climates and budgets.
So, if you seek a solution to increase your field's capacity or get better and higher quality
drinking water - we might have the solution for you.
On the other hand, if you're seeking to sell your crop to Israel - we may also
have a buyer for you..

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If you are seeking for interesting investments in the real-estate business, we have many
great investment opportunities to offer you both in Israel and the US.
We usually deal only with housing projects and seldom in business/offices projects.

You'll need to update on current plans as they change every month.

Investments in Israel:
Apartment cost begins with 100,000$ (US) houses cost beginning with 300,000$(US)
The annual yield is around minimum of 6%-5% annually*

Investments in the US:
We currently performing 'fix-and-flip' projects at affordable prices
ranging from 28,000$(US) to $1.4M(US) yielding very nice profit of
more than 10% in 6 months*, currently aiming at more than 20%.
We also offer continuation program allowing you to purchase the property
and make even more profit on it.

*Note: It is ILLEGAL to promise a definite profit at any stage of the project, thus we can
only estimate the projected profit within a given time.
But please note that fluctuations may occur in both the schedule AND the yield level
according to the local Israeli or US markets, clients and even legal constraints.

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