eSoko advertisement plan agreement

This agreement is done between the client and Sokotech Ltd. TIN. 108057411 (The company) for the purpose of allowing the client to post ads on the company’s website offering business opportunities, job offers, services or goods for sale whether new, used or old.

1. The company’s website, called (The website) is a state-of-the-art advertisement website built to allow
any seller to post ads offering new or used goods, cars, real estate or services.

2. The advertisement is done purely and only on the website in a most advanced way, supporting many modern features. At this stage, the site is opened in Rwanda.

3. We’d like to welcome you for choosing eSoko as your next advertising platform, by which you’ll reach more clients and be able to expand your reputation and sales.

4. This agreement will be the frame of the cooperation between the parties during the plan period.

5. Plan periods:
a. SILVER and GOLD plans is - 12 months, but can be expanded to 24 months, upon client's request.
b. PLATINUM plan - usually 12 months but will be decided per client and per agreement.
c. Single Ad - is 1 month only. The client may request the company to extend this period for a fee.

6. The client holds full responsibility for the content of its ads and in case of any lawsuit or other means that will
damage the company because of that content, the client hereby declare he’ll compensate the company for any damages that may come because of such incidents.

7. The company will not publish any abusive, racist or offensive content, including any nudity, profanity, violence or other subjects in dispute, and will not publish any illegal service and/or merchandise according to Rwandan law.

8. The company reserves the right to immediately remove and block any ad and/or any client that has published any
abusive ads, that were found abusing by the company’s team. Such blocking will not grant the client any refund.

9. Each month counts at the 1st of each month. For example, if you’ve placed an ad at the 30th and the day after was
the 1st, on the day after the ad begun it’s second month.

10. Cancellation:
Cancellation can be made at any time given a 60 day notice.

11. Payments:
All payments to the company will be made through MTN.
All payments will be paid in advance.

12. Customer service:
The client will be entitled to customer service during working area via email. On urgent cases, service can be done via phone.

13. Number of Ads calculations: At any given time, the max number of ads a client may publish cannot exceed the
max number of ads according to its license.

14. Jurisdiction:
Any lawsuits done in relation to this agreement will be ruled according to Rwandan law and heard only in a court in Kigali.

15. To acknowledge his agreement to the terms above, the client has checked the "agreed to terms and conditions" button.


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